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About North from Calcutta

In the shadow of minarets and mosques, Pakistani intelligence officer Tarek Durrani questions the fundamentalist fervor coursing through his nation’s fractious government and the steel of his own loyalty. As hidden enemies plot in the corridors of power, Tarek must discover the mission within the mission and the sinister force behind a rising march towards war that infects every corner of his government, including his own ultra-secret organization, the ISI. As a terrorist plot unfolds, threatening to bring the entire sub-continent to the brink of war, Tarek plays out one last deadly game, putting his cold, practiced intelligence skills to the ultimate test, even as he falls under the spell of the hypnotically seductive Indian architect who cracks the combination to his soul. From the skyscrapers of Dubai to the streets of London, from the tea gardens of the Himalayas to the crowded backwaters of Bangladesh, Tarek has no choice but to search for the truth that transcends elaborate deceptions. A truth that will lead him...North from Calcutta.







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